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Honeycomb Faced Panel Portable Desk Fan

Honeycomb Faced Panel Portable Desk Fan

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[HONEYCOMB NET DESIGN] Non-irritating wind: Coolean's unique honeycomb structure net design makes soft and gentle breeze. / Max 36ft

[Cordless and Cord USE] Use up to 10 hours with 5,000mAh capacity / Continuous use while USB cable connected while charging the fan

[WHITE NOISE 34.3dB] (Operated in 1st level, measured at 1m from the product for 1 minute) BLDC motor makes a good environment for sleep and concentration / Can be used in both indoors and outdoors, such as bedroom, bathroom, office, and college dorm etc.

[ONE BUTTON CONTROL] Power on & off and 4 levels of wind control are available with One-button / Check the battery level with LED indicator

[EASY CLEANING / SAFETY] Can be washed after disassembling front and back sides of the head, and the blades can be wiped with wet tissue or dry cloth to enjoy clean breeze / A tight safety net prevents finger jamming of children and pets.


Product No: CL-005L
Rated Power: 3.6V
Battery Capacity: 5,000mAh (LG Cell)
Dimension: 6.3*6.3*12.6 (in)
Weight: 1 (lb)
Manufactured in China

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