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Honeycomb Faced Panel Handy Mini Fan with Cradle

Honeycomb Faced Panel Handy Mini Fan with Cradle

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About this item
  • Honeycomb design: Patented Unique design create softer and tender. It supply technically the fine texture of wind in your hands.
  • Built in rechargeable battery cell 2,000mAh capacity: Presenting wireless and cordless condition to customers. You are able to take any places required for cooling hot spot.
  • Full charging time: 2hrs, Working Time: 2~6hrs
  • Handy Fan / Desk Fan: Cradle Included.


Product No: CL-155
Power: 1.W - 2.7W
Charging 2 hours
Operating 2 to 6hours
Battery Capacity: 1,950mAh
Dimension: 7.9*3.9*1.5 (in)
Weight: 0.8 (lb)
Manufactured in China

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